Frequently Asked Questions

Is my load too small … or too large … to be listed?

Every job is welcome on All Freight Connect.

Nothing is too big or too small.

We have a huge range of transport operators dealing in different types of transport, so odds are you'll get a great price, even if your job is very large, very small or somewhere in between.

Whether it's something simple like an office chair, 10 tons of goods or oversize loads; you can list with us and find someone to transport it for you for a great price.

How does All Freight Connect get paid?

Unlike most transport brokers, All Freight Connect do not receive any payment from you or transport operators when your job is booked.

This is an inefficient model, with hidden administration costs for everyone.

Transport companies simply pay us a small reoccuring monthly fee to be listed and receive load requests, and that's it.

Do I deal with or the transport company?

You deal directly with the transport company, once your load is listed.

All Freight Connectis simply here to connect the two of you together.

We get your job details and send them to every transport company who lists with us.

When you receive quotes from the transport company via email, or phone; you deal with them directly.

You see every quote that comes in, which keeps everything 100% transparent and above board.


It keeps things simple, quick and inexpensive.

How long after listing should I start getting quotes?

That's up to the transport operators. Emails start going out as soon as you submit your job request.

Some will reply within the hour. Some transport operators may not be able to give you a quote until that night.

We suggest you wait at least 24 hours before selecting an operator to make sure you've got plenty of competitive options.

Why do I get a better deal with All Freight Connect?

Unlike others, All Freight Connect do not charge a fee per job to the transport operator.

Most transport brokers charge these fees and percentages, and ultimately they get factored into your price.

Worse still other brokers often administer booking deposits and act as a go-between between you and the transport operator.

This quickly gets messy. People are being hired to manage this. And this costs money.

Worst still the whole process slows down, people are waiting for things to happen and payment delays mean complications and headaches.

And who do you think pays in the end? That's right, they get passed right back to the transport operator, who adds it back into your booking fee.

We don't charge these fees.

In fact, we only charge a small monthly listing fee to our transport operators, and they can quote on as many or as few jobs as they want. There are no extra costs paid by anyone.

This keeps things simple and inexpensive.

Our service is straight forward. We simply connect people with freight with companies who can help. They contact you directly with their quotes, and you deal with them, not us.

What happens if I don't get any replies?

In the unlikely event you don't receive any replies then it means no transport operator is able to take your load.

If this happens, try re-listing your load with more flexible dates.

Our system is checked daily, and our quality control system means we get alerted immediately if requests are not being sent.

But if you are still unsure, please contact us and we'll happily review your request to better understand why this has happened.

What happens if I find a company I like. Can I keep using them without going through All Freight Connect?

Sure can! All we do is connect businesses with transport companies. If you find a company you like and want to use them long term then that's entirely up to you. You don't have to tell us. Our job is just connecting the two of you, so job done!

What happens if I want to contact companies myself?

If you'd like to contact the transport operators personally it's easy to do.

All our transport operators are listed on our List Of Transport Operators page, and you can review them by clicking the vehicle tab at the top of our screen.